Peer-to-peer texting: Self-service vs. full-service, which is right for you?

by | Sep 7, 2021

Scalable SMS solutions tailor-made nonprofit and political teams

Blu Txt’s peer-to-peer text messaging platform was built to fill a major void in the market impacting our clients in all kinds of nonprofit and political arenas. Although text messaging outreach is highly-effective, the problem for many clients was having to use multiple vendors to complete their SMS outreach, depending on whether they were going to send the messages themselves (self-service), or have the vendor send on their behalf (full-service). Couple this with the fact that most SMS vendors do not offer traditional phone outreach in-house, and clients quickly build a stable of different vendors, different processes and lose the advantages of continuity in their outreach strategy.

That’s why Blu Txt was built with the option for organizations to use our team of union-backed contact center experts to send messages on the organization’s behalf (Blu Txt Full-Service) or for them to be able to take the keys to Blu Txt and use their own team to send the messages to their audience (Blu-Txt Self-Service). Now political campaigns, organizations, and nonprofits have the flexibility to reach their audience using P2P text messaging based on their needs and on their terms. 

Read on to learn more about the advantages of Blu Txt’s full- and self-service text messaging options, as well as, common ways organizations are using peer-to-peer text messaging to achieve their outreach goals.

If you’re interested in a primer on using peer-to-peer text messaging for outreach check out our article, “A Beginners Guide to Peer to Peer Texting: How To Get Started Today

Blu Txt Full-Service

With Blu Txt Full-Service, we manage all aspects of your program. This option is a great fit if you have limited staff and time, and/or a large member list – and you need a trusted partner to act as an extension of your team. With Blu Txt Full-Service you receive:

  • Expert agents. Our highly trained union employees text on your behalf from our company owned contact center.
  • White-glove treatment. Your dedicated account manager handles all aspects of your program, from setup, to outreach, to data capture.
  • Client-friendly pricing. No setup fees. No minimums. Pay only for what you use, at just $0.07 per message.

Blu Txt Self-Service

Blu Txt’s Self-Service option is great if you want your own teams to manage the process and directly connect with your audience. An excellent choice for organizations with substantial volunteer networks or staff, and/or relatively small audience bases. Among the many benefits:

  • Full control. Your staff or volunteers participate in every conversation, and capture every bit of feedback.
  • Easy setup. Your dedicated account manager guides you through the simple, intuitive setup process.
  • Client-friendly pricing. No setup fees. No minimums. Pay only for what you use, at just $0.05 per message.

Common Ways to Utilize SMS outreach 

Peer-to-peer texting has immense ROI opportunities and many Blu Contact clients have already seen exceptional success from P2P texting. Here are some ways our clients are using peer-to-peer texting to find success! 

  • Volunteer recruitment. Activate your army of advocates.
  • GOTV. Drive voters to the polls with targeted, compelling text messages.
  • Fundraising. Make simple, heartfelt pitches for the funding your organization needs.
  • Interest-building. Get more people behind your proposed legislation, initiative or cause.
  • Event invitations. Fill your next venue or virtual event with highly engaged individuals.
  • Survey participation. Augment your data set with targeted surveys or polls.

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