A Beginners Guide to Peer to Peer Texting: How To Get Started Today

by | Jun 7, 2021

What is Peer to Peer Texting? 

Peer-to-peer texting is a type of SMS communication that allows your team to send messages directly to targeted audiences on a 1:1 basis, and peer-to-peer texting is quickly becoming a staple in most organization’s outreach toolkits. Especially for groups looking for low-cost, quick, and effective ways to create meaningful one-on-one relationships with their audience, collect data and audience insights, and build advocacy for their organization’s chief cause or mission. 

How Does It Differ From Mass Texting? 

There are a few important differences between peer-to-peer texting and its mass texting counterpart.  

The most important differences as it relates to non-profit organizations are the rules surrounding text opt-ins and the methods in which organizations can legally contact consumers on their mobile phones. 

All peer-to-peer texting must be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). TCPA regulates all telemarketing, auto-dialed calls, texts, and unsolicited faxes. While also creating the national do-not-call list. 

TCPA is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and regulates all aspects of digital communication. Enforcing all aspects of telemarketing by creating an “…appropriate competitive framework for the unfolding of the communications revolution” FCC.  

Peer-to-peer texting meets stringent requirements under the specific ruling from TCPA and FCC. Along with manually texting constituents; volunteers or employees can customize the content being sent out. Peer-to-peer texting gives the competitive edge to interact exclusively and authentically every time. 

With peer-to-peer texting, organizations are able to create a dialogue with their audience and make connections that would otherwise be impossible with mass texting or basic outreach methods. 

Why is Peer to Peer texting a good idea for you? 

P2P texting gives many organizations the ability to reach a huge audience that might not always be accessible over a phone call or in person. Guaranteeing a higher open and response rate than almost any other form of communication. “The very best door knocking will only be able to reach 30 votes an hour at a 25% completion rate depending on the time of day.” While response rates from one on one texting are close to 90%!

P2P messaging is currently proving to be one of the most cost-effective ways to collect valuable data. When texting is used as the first point of contact your audience gets comfortable having one on one conversations with your organization. Following up with a phone call has shown to have a significant increase in voter and audience interaction, therefore, improving your ROI. 

Almost half of all Americans rely solely on their mobile device. Initiating your audience on a very real and personal level allows you to gather information and insights in real-time.   

How are organizations using Peer to Peer texting? 

Peer-to-peer messaging gives organizations a full armada of options with regards to how they use the technology to capture data and drive specific actions from their audience. The list below represents how P2P messaging is most often used by nonprofits as a part of their outreach plan. 

– Digital surveys

– Fundraising

– GOTV drives

– Voter IDs

– Volunteer sign-ups

– Important information (Polling location, voting info, etc.)

– Event registration and reminders

How to Start P2P Texting

Blu Txt makes it exceptionally easy for organizations to onboard and begin sending P2P messages to their audience.  

  1. Decide whether you’d like Blu Contact’s call center team to send the messages, or if you’d like your own team to send their own P2P messages to the organization’s audience. 
  2. Simply upload your contact list or, we can do that for you, and build the script you want to use to spark a conversation with the audience.
  3. Assign a team. Whether yours or Blu Contacts.
  4. Send those texts! Get your message in front of your audience and create immediate results.  

Lastly, prepare for the data and input you are about to receive! Export and analyze the data to better understand your audience and plot your next step. 

Blu Contact offers the best in peer-to-peer texting services with Blu Txt read more about it here


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