Mobilize Your Mission

The premier solution for peer-to-peer texting and calling tools

Your campaign needs the industry’s most comprehensive suite of phone and texting tools to achieve its mission. Blu Contact is built to deliver. From grassroots activism and community outreach campaigns to national-scale political calling, our highly trained union outreach experts and unmatched P2P texting and calling solutions will set you up for success.

Our proprietary Blu Dial and Blu Txt platforms offer flexibility and scale, delivering proven results in volunteer activation, fundraising, voter turnout drives and more.




Mobilize Your Mission

With the Industry’s most Versatile, Effective Suite of Tools

Blu Contact offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of phone and texting solutions. Our proprietary Blu Dial and Blu Txt platforms offer incredible flexibility to suit your needs. Phone. Text. Peer-to-Peer. Highly trained union outreach experts. In any combination.

At Blu Contact, we have delivered proven results in volunteer activation, fundraising, voter turnout drives and more.




Service SMS allows organizations to text voters peer to peer and drives meaningful action. 

That’s why we created Blu Txt, our proprietary, peer-to-peer text messaging platform. It’s flexible, easy to use and highly effective. Available in Full- or Self-Service, Blu Txt enables you to capture clean, accurate data to continually optimize your program strategy. You also get our straightforward, transparent pricing that helps you plan and stay within your budget.

Our custom-built political calling platform takes community outreach programs to the next level. 

Is your organization running at capacity, with impossible deadlines and a lean staff? Select the Full-Serve option and allow our experts to make calls on your behalf. Have you cultivated a large network of volunteers who can tackle a relatively small list? Self-Service puts you and your teams in control. Whatever your needs, we can help. And don’t forget about your data – regardless of what approach you choose, Blu Dial will help you capture clean, accurate data.

Blu Contact

The Ultimate Combination of Outreach Options

Blu Contact offers the ultimate combination of options through our cutting-edge Blu Dial and Blu Txt outreach platforms. Peer-to-peer solutions place the power of direct outreach in your hands. Our union-staffed, company-owned contact centers can reach large lists in short order. Which options are right of you? Maybe you send the texts, and we make the calls. Or we can ping the mobile devices, while your team does the dialing. Or we can handle all of it for you. Whatever your needs, we can create a tailor-made plan for your organization. Because at Blu Contact, everything we do is based on the belief that you deserve an approach that works best for you.



Take full control of your phone and texting activities. While also receiving support and guidance from your dedicated account manager. Blu Contact’s self-service options allow you to combine our proprietary, peer-to-peer phone and texting tools to mobilize your mission. You may find our Blu Dial and Blu Txt Self-Service options to be a good fit if you have:

  • A large and active base of volunteers who can help call and text.
  • A smaller target audience for your outreach efforts



Allow us to handle all aspects of your program, from setup, to outreach, to data capture. Blu Contact’s full-service options also come with another critical advantage: our highly trained union staff (Communications Workers of America), calling and texting on your behalf from our company-owned contact centers. You may find Blu Dial and Blu Txt Full-Service to be of value if you:

  • Need to reach a large audience in a short period of time
  • Have a short timeframe and/or limited staff to conduct the outreach


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