New Partners and Blu Contact: How Blu Txt and Blu Dial Started

by | May 31, 2021

Background of New Partners

New Partners has been helping progressive and political campaigns conduct successful campaign outreach for years as one of the nation’s leading consulting firms. With decades worth of experience, New Partners has been instrumental in helping in some of the most challenging races in recent years achieve incredible results; including being a key partner in the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaign efforts. 

In addition to helping political campaigns create, implement, and manage outreach highly successful campaigns. New Partners has also helped unions like SEIU, CWA, and Teamsters, along with numerous progressive advocacy groups.

Creation of Blu Contact

During the 2016 presidential election cycle, the leadership team at New Partners began to see the emergence of text messaging as a way for organizations to reach their constituency. By the 2018 midterms, SMS was a must-have requirement for many of our clients, but many of them had to leverage several partners to be able to handle all of their outreach needs. In addition to this, many new technology companies who entered the market required conditions (set-up fees, on-going contracts, minimum usage requirements) that didn’t make sense for the way many of our clients did business. 

Inspired by these events, New Partners created Blu Contact as a catalyst to launch our new P2P texting and calling products; Blu Txt and Blu Dial. 

Blu Contact proudly continues New Partners’ policy of employing contact center teams represented by the Communication Workers of America; the largest communications and media labor union in the United States. 

Outreach Services 

Blu Contact offers the ultimate combination of phone and texting solutions through two central platforms: Blu Dial and Blu Txt. 

Calling Services

Phone outreach continues to do the heavy lifting for many campaign and nonprofit teams. Blu Dial is loaded with features that enable you to engage in a host of unique ways while capturing clean, accurate data. Ensuring your company comes back with the most advantageous knowledge on where and how to move forward. Blu Dial self-service uses peer-to-peer contact methods to connect with your provided list of members. Blu Dial’s full-service option lets your team tap into our traditional phone outreach services; live IDs, fundraising, patch-throughs, etc. So whether you’d like your own team of staff and/or volunteers to conduct your telephone outreach, or you’d prefer ours. Blu Dial has an option to meet your team’s needs.

Texting Services

Text messaging is the newest, quickest, and easiest form of communication on the market right now. Blu Txt is a peer-to-peer text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) platform that has transformed the way in which campaigns create 1:1 relationships with, and drive immediate actions from, their constituents.

Blu Txt provides an effective way to reach your audience, produces accurate data, is lighting fast, and very low cost. Building a positive back and forth with your audience allows for instant and accurate feedback. Blu Txt is a must for your next campaign.

As with Blu Dial, Blu Txt offers self- and full-service options. Self-service lets you use your own staff to send the messages. This is a great option if you want to send something like a quick ID to a small universe. Or if you have a team of dedicated volunteers who can send the messages. But, what if you have a really large universe and need to reach them all in a short amount of time? This is an excellent opportunity to consider our full-service option and have our team send your messages on your behalf. Blu Contact routinely sends over one million text messages per month on behalf of our clients. 

Blu Txt’s P2P SMS solutions are great options for campaigns that want to maximize their budget. While driving immediate results on someone’s most intimate device, their mobile phone. 


Blu Contact, by New Partners, is grateful for the opportunity to carry on the torch for New Partners and its’ clients. We’ll continue to look for innovative ways to leverage current and future technology. While always creating competitive advantages for our clients and help them exceed their outreach goals. 

We’d love the opportunity to help your organization too. Reach out to us here if you’d like to speak with one of our account managers about the different ways Blu Txt or Blu Dial can help.


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